Celebrating 2020 International Guide Dog Day

Guide Dog Users of Canada would like to wish everyone a very happy International Guide Dog Day.

The last Wednesday of April each year is a time when we can increase awareness about the wonderful things that guide dogs do for us, such as guiding thousands of blind or visually impaired people around the world safely wherever they want to go. The freedom and independence of having a guide dog at your side is so amazing, and knowing you aren't alone gives you the confidence to just pick up and go.

Secondly, the day provides the opportunity for us to tip our hats to everyone who has anything to do with turning those silly pups into responsible, well-mannered guide dogs. It all starts with those wonderful dedicated puppy raisers who take the dogs into their homes and work with them until they head to the training centre.

It also gives us the chance to remind everyone that the best thing to do when you meet someone with a guide dog is to ask the person whether it’s convenient for you to say hello to the guide dog. Attempting to attract the dog’s attention by making eye contact, clucking your tongue, or offering a treat is not only uncool … it’s also potentially very dangerous.

Did you know? Currently, there are 1043 working guide dog teams across  Canada. Of those, 501 were trained at Schools in the United States. The other 542 teams are graduates of the 5 Canadian guide dog Schools.

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