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Over the next several weeks, we'll be putting various aspects of our upcoming Conference under the microscope, to give you a taste of what to expect from our big weekend in London.

This time we're featuring Windsor Police Constable Rob Wilson's brief auto-biography. Mr. Wilson, and Police Service Dog Vegas, will be presenting our first workshop on the afternoon of Saturday, September 24.

Police Constable (PC) Rob Wilson has been with the Windsor Police Service for the past 18 years. PC Wilson started off his career in patrol where he spent 5 years, eventually moving to the eWare Unit, a software support unit of the service in what Constable Wilson had a background in. After fulfilling his 2 years in eWare, PC Wilson, after a lengthy selection process, was chosen to become a Handler in the Police Dog Unit.

PC Wilson was then paired with Police Service Dog (PSD) Quincy, a German Shepherd born in Fenwick, Ontario. PSD Quincy and PC Wilson then embarked on a 4 month general purpose basic dog course which was held in Windsor. Once completed, PSD Quincy and PC Wilson hit the road and went on a 6 year journey where the team attended 3,735 calls for service resulting in 141 arrests, 50 articles/evidence located and numerous drug seizures.

In late 2011, PSD Quincy developed a problem in his back end which caused him to feel pain while jumping. With one of the main jobs of a canine being the jumping of fences, it was decided to retire PSD Quincy early and let him enjoy a well earned rest. PC Wilson was then asked to handle a second dog which he happily accepted.

In September 2011, PC Wilson met PSD Vegas. Vegas, a Belgian Malinois, born Xorg vom Haus Mecki, was imported from Germany and assigned to Wilson. After another 4 month basic course, PSD Vegas and PC Wilson hit the road in January of 2012 where they currently fight crime in the City of Windsor.

PC Wilson is also a United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) judge and has been qualified as an expert in the tracking of human scent, as well as the detection of narcotics, firearms and ammunition.

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